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I have enjoyed working with Jessica on several projects at our new home. She strikes a great balance between creating a beautiful space, while also addressing the practical needs of our busy family.

- Caroline

Jessica is a gifted woman with a heart of gold and beautiful spirit. She has been spot on about many things and some things are still manifesting! She has helped me find peace and hope in both my professional and personal life. Talking to her is a joy and incredibly helpful! Thank you, Jessica!


When I did my kitchen remodel, Jessica was invaluable.  I had an idea what I wanted, but needed help pulling everything together.  She helped me refine my tastes and personal style without imposing her style on me.  She helped me make decisions I was confident with.  I ended up with a space that is truly a reflection of me.  I absolutely love it, even two years later!  I cannot recommend her highly enough.



Jessica assisted my family in an amazing and unexpected way. During an incredibly intense encounter with an unexplainable presence, our household caregiver was in shock and concerned about returning to our home. Our poor dog was distraught too and I was helpless to know how to help them from out of town. I had experienced a generalized sense of discontented energy but no experience with this type of direct encounter at our home. In an instant, I knew I had to call Jessica for help with this very unusual situation. I asked her immediately for anything she could sense and speak about for us. She knew exactly the level of distress the house was holding. I was at once grateful and concerned. We stopped and connected, from our separate cities and prayed. It feels impossible to try to write what happened next. We both felt a warmth and lift of energy that flowed from our feet through finger tips through the scalp, at the same time and in our separate locations. I instantly knew a soul had crossed over. I have no idea why, who, how or what happened exactly. Even to write about it seems to be difficult and it was a memory I treasure and Our caregiver went back the next day to our home and found a transformed energy. She even rested there and had never again experienced anything but comfort in our home. We too, all noticed a peace to our surroundings and I had to take a moment and thank you Jessica. God gave you these gifts of discernment and intuition and I'm so grateful that you have chosen to share them with us! 

I have known Jessica for many years and have experienced her intuitive gifts first hand.  The most impactful was the week in which my grandmother passed away.  Jessica called me “out of the blue” and asked me about my grandmother.  What was so startling was that at this point, no one knew that she passed away.  I immediately started crying and told her that my grandmother passed away just a few days ago.  Jessica gave me a message of reassurance and love, that my grandmother was alight and that she gave to me a message from my grandmother.  It was a moment, that if I didn’t experience first hand, I don’t know if I would have believed it. While I knew of Jessica’s intuitive gifts, I have never experienced anything like that before.  It gave me deep comfort in a season of loss.


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