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Sacred Spaces

Jessica’s belief is that our home is a true reflection of our life and lifestyle. It’s where we can decompress from the outside world, relax, entertain, celebrate, and nurture our spirit and soul. Often clients do not feel that they have the time or energy to invest in their home space. It becomes low priority. Once Jessica meets with them, she intuitively knows what their biggest blocks are in achieving what they most desire, and this can be specific to their living space or in every aspect of their lives.

Jessica is able to connect intuitively to what you are seeking most, and the work she does together with you is guided by that. This is how she is able to blend her background of Interior Design and her intuitive energy consulting into one beautiful process. The more integrated her two passions became, the more she knew she was meant to collaborate them fully as one, and that is the basis for Life Redesigned.

Please see the gallery for examples of Jessica's work.

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