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About Jessica

Jessica Johnson is an Intuitive Counselor and Interior Design Consultant who incorporates both of these practices to create harmonious living spaces for all of her clients.


Jessica began her career working as a project manager and design assistant at Landy Gardner Interiors for three years. Following that, she started her own interior design consulting practice, Creative Innovations. For 14 years, she has worked for herself as an interior design consultant.


In 2013 after facing multiple health crises she became more focused and educated on the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and the practice of Holistic healing. This has lead her to her passion for helping others in their journey to more peaceful lives in both spirit and home space.

Jessica lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her two kids and dog, Pugsley. She enjoys hiking, being active outdoors, cooking and entertaining, and spending time with her kids.

Jessica seeks to marry intuitive healing with interior design in a way that creates a supportive, aesthetically calming energy in each individual's space.

She believes she can help foster a beautiful balance between lifestyle and home.

With this combined experience of interior design and intuitive energy work, she has been able to uniquely cater to her client’s desires and needs.

Based off on an initial consultation, Jessica is able to determine what area of your life needs the most attention, whether it is home, personal, or a combination of both.

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